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Packing Solution

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Packing Materials

One of the most consumable products in all industries is packing materials. We are supplying different types of packing materials with the ability to customize them as per our customer's requests.

Stretch Films

Jumbo Rolls

Machine Rolls

Hand Rolls

Mini Rolls


Plastic Pallets

Wooden Pallets

Paper Pallets

Packing Tapes

Acrylic Tapes

Masking Tapes

Strapping Tapes

Double-Sided Tapes


PP Straps

Pet Straps

Different sizes and custom products can be supplied upon the client's request.


We proudly strive to drive towards sustainable and eco-friendly products with feasible prices. Therefore our main goal is to offer these types of products to our clients and play a role in our future lives on Planet Earth


UAE - +971 4 352 7470

Canada - +1 647 37 555 33

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