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Raw Materials & Commodities

Relying on our exceptional experience in the field of International Trade & Development across various commodities in different industries, our team was able to achieve significant outcomes with regards to fulfilling the cycle of the supply chain from the sources anywhere in the world to any destination around the globe.

In addition, given the background of the founders of Green Star GT in the Shipping, Marine Services, and Transportation industry, and with consideration of our ability to manage the supply chain cycle, followed by the company's investment in this field, we decided to add the Cargo Handling and Freight Forwarding to our set of activities.

The logistic department of Green Star GT has started to work in early 2013. The main goal was to support our clients for their smooth shipping and deliveries. Their satisfaction with this specific service led them to introduce us to other companies and firms who need to ship their cargos internationally or domestically by sea, road, or air. 

As a result of this expansion:

  • We could develop this department by collaborating with our partners. We have a professional team to handle any shipment from the source to the destination for any incoterm delivery, that includes providing custom services to our clients too.

  • We are expanding our network continuously. Our previous clients for freight forwarding services are now our business partners who are supplying products to us, or they buy our trading products and commodities.

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Foods & Beverages

The activity of Green Star GT in the Food industry has been divided into two main categories of Food Ingredients and Processed Products.


Food Ingredients

Industrial Additives

  • Lactic Acid

  • Citric Acid

  • Soy lecithin

  • Sorbitan

  • Glycerin

  • Sorbitol

Primary Ingredients

  • Cocoa Products

  • Coconut Products

  • Corn Products

  • Soy Products

General Ingredients

  • Nuts and Dry Fruits

  • Grains and Pulses

  • Pastes and Syrups

  • Concentrates and Purees

  • Spices and Herbs

  • Vegetable Oils

We are supplying the above products by sourcing them from top quality and reputable manufacturers in South America and East Asia, for our clients who are food processing factories all around the globe.

Processed Foods

Green Star GT is cooperating with the food manufacturers "who are mostly our current customers for the food ingredients" to formulate, package, label, and ship processed products to customers looking to sell their own line of food products. We are accelerating our buyers to be able to deeply focus on other aspects of their business such as marketing, sales, distribution, etc. We also facilitate any strict control of certain aspects of the manufacturing process such as GMO-free manufacturing, Kosher, Halal and Parve certifications, organic and vegan options, and more.

Since the private label food market is significantly fragmented these days, using our vast network, Green Star GT supplies various processed food products with Private Labeling services. We assist our customers to find the best products and manufacturers and support them from product procurement to label design and packaging to get them started on building their own brand.

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Packing Materials

One of the most consumable products in all industries is packaging materials. We are supplying different types of packaging materials with the ability to customize them as per our customer's requests.

Film Products:

  • Jumbo Film Rolls

  • Machine Stretch Wrap Films

  • Hand Wrap Films

  • Mini Film Rolls

Packing Tapes:

  • Acrylic Packing Tape

  • Masking Tape

  • Strapping Tape

  • Double-Sided Tape


  • Plastic Pallets

  • Wooden Pallets

  • Paper Pallets

Different sizes and custom products can be supplied upon the client's request.


We proudly strive to drive towards sustainable and eco-friendly products with feasible prices. Therefore our main goal is to offer these types of products to our clients and play a role in our future lives on Planet Earth.

UAE - +971 4 352 7470

Canada - +1 647 55 99 605

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