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Freight Forwarding

Local Distributions

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Container Yard

Freight Forwarding

Relying on our exceptional experience in the field of International Trade & Development across various commodities in different industries, our team was able to achieve significant outcomes with regards to fulfilling the cycle of the supply chain from the sources anywhere in the world to any destination around the globe.

In addition, given the background of the founders of Green Star GT in the Shipping, Marine Services, and Transportation industry, and with consideration of our ability to manage the supply chain cycle, followed by the company's investment in this field, we decided to add the Cargo Handling and Freight Forwarding to our set of activities.

The logistic department of Green Star GT has started to work in early 2013. The main goal was to support our clients for their smooth shipping and deliveries. Their satisfaction with this specific service led them to introduce us to other companies and firms who need to ship their cargos internationally or domestically by sea, road, or air. 

As a result of this expansion:

  • We could develop this department by collaborating with our partners. We have a professional team to handle any shipment from the source to the destination for any incoterm delivery, that includes providing custom services to our clients too.

  • We are expanding our network continuously. Our previous clients for freight forwarding services are now our business partners who are supplying products to us, or they buy our trading products and commodities.

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Local Distribution

Through close cooperation with our affiliates in UAE and Canada, we were able to build a sustainable and reliable Local Distribution Network to assist our clients and their businesses for domestic distributions in these countries.

As a part of our Logistics and Supply Chain services, we are able to receive, store, and distribute our client's products all across UAE and Canada. We can facilitate the storage of their cargo, which includes Palettizing, Inventory Management, and partial repacking. We will also assure about the safe and smooth delivery of their products to their clients in the above-mentioned regions.

In addition, We are able to support our clients with their regional marketing and advertising needs to expand their product's presence in the market.

Our main concern in this field is to make sure that we satisfy our clients with our professional services, and make them sure about achieving their distribution goals. We always keep them updated, follow their strategies, and discuss our suggestions for their stronger presence in their target market.

Delivery Men

UAE - +971 4 352 7470

Canada - +1 647 37 555 33

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