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Green Star Group is an international business group of trading companies headquartered in the UAE with offices in Dubai and Toronto, and representatives in the UK, Belgium, Oman, and Azerbaijan.

With almost a half-century of our founder’s experience in different industries, we have an established track record of handling International Trading activities and Developments. Green Star Group has been supplied an abundant number of materials and commodities to Food Industry, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industry and other industries in the Middle East, Far East, Africa and North & South America.

What we do

Green Star Group’s expertise is the exceptional ability to act as a liaison and consolidator of opportunities across the globe. Our unique networking accomplishment created a high-potential ability to deal with the complexities of multi-industry inquiries in different businesses.


Our International Trade and development division along with our logistic department are comprehensive professionals in assisting our clients to access new sources and markets around the globe, and facilitate global trading opportunities.

  • We are experts to find the right sources and manufacturers to supply the products you are looking for.

  • On behalf of our clients, we negotiate and manage the deals for accurate and feasible payments and TCs.

  • Through our competent partners, we arrange the best Freight Forwarding solutions.

  • Relying on our clients and allies, we are able to support you in promoting, marketing and selling your products all around the globe.

  • In UAE and Canada, we are able to assist you with domestic distributions.


Our Real Estate division has established in mid-2019. We are now developing our activities to offer different types of services and expand our company’s activity with the below headlines:

  • Architectural and Interior Design

  • Bidding and Negotiation

  • Real Estate Brokerage

Our Vision

At Green Star Group, we strive to continually develop our organization to offer ever-greater value and exceptional service to our clients. We aim to be the partner of choice for clients, principals and suppliers by committing to a relationship with them that is fair and mutually profitable. Our mission is to respond to the needs of industries across the different regions by globally sourcing products and services which provide the most appropriate solution of the highest possible quality and represent the best value for money.

Our horizon has never been clearer.

We believe in the Art of Alliances

We believe in the power of collaboration, teamwork and partnership to achieve the best result out of complex situation. That’s why we are looking for new companies, individuals and allies to collaborate with us as a partner to grow the possibilities and potentials and be mutually benefited out of our common activities. Business alliances are living systems, evolving progressively in their possibilities.


Int'l Trade & Development


Logistic Solution


Real Estate Development



UAE - +971 4 352 7470

Canada - +1 647 37 555 33

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Green Star General Trading LLC.

Head Office

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

PO Box 211367

Tel: +971 4 3527470



Green Star Global Trading Corp.

North America Office

Toronto, Canada

Postal Code M2M 2C5

Tel: +1 (647) 3755533


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